Motivating young people to become teachers

The students we teach, see teaching profession as a low-life profession. This because in the real sense, 85% of teachers are broke. We are in a country where the teaching profession does have VALUE But the truth is, you as a teacher need to change the game and how they perceive you.
You have to dress to be addressed in such a manner. The teaching profession is more than the four walls of the classroom. It starts from how you handle delicate situations, how you approach issues, how you dress, how you respond to tactical questions, how you speak when angry, how you inspire your students and your style of teaching.
The pupils/students you teach see you as the evidence of what you are becoming in the profession.
If you always dress very rough or unkempt they assume that’s how the PROFESSION looks like.
If you always beg other teachers in front of your pupils/students, they assume teachers are broke.
You’re the living testimony of how the teaching profession should be seen and handled.
Start changing how they perceive the teaching profession through your lifestyle and communication.
Model the example of a true professional in the teaching industry.
You’re the result they want to see and your behavior matters.
The truth is, the world doesn’t regard the ones with great potential but those who can turn potential into performance and generate results from it.
As a teacher in the field of the teaching profession,
What can your student say about you?
What can they think about you when you are no more with them?
When they want to talk about the teaching Profession as a proud job, can they remember you as an EVIDENCE?
Your result is what matters not effort.
Don’t just preach it, practice it.
Be the inspiration every student can model.
It starts with how you HANDLE yourself in the classroom.
Become a force that nobody can refuse in this game.
Command global attention with your profession.
You’re what you call yourself!

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