The teacher parent

Parent teaching child

Teaching as parents can be very tasking and yet rewarding it is heartwarming to see your little ones just metamorphose into productive entities from cognitive to affective and then psychomotor, which is the desire of every parent. Children are like a plain sheet of paper, whole, innocent and pure. They gradually become what is written on them so as parents, it’s important to be careful how we write. We must understand why the children act the way they do and why they do not get the result we want. Ask yourself these questions and put down honest answers.
1. Who is my Child?
2. What are his likes and dislikes?
3. What are his strengths and weaknesses?
4. What are his most surely believed things?
5. Who is his Role model?
6. What kind of learner is he and what are his learning styles?
When you have honestly put down responses to the above questions, you are on the first step to being an effective and efficient tutor to your CHILD.

There are 3 simple virtues to become a; “TEACHER PARENT”.
1.PATIENCE: This is needed at every step to see the desired result academically and otherwise.
2.OBSERVATION; You must be conscious about being observatory. Many parents have overlooked this and their children have had to suffer certain experiences and wrong choices.
3.INTENTIONAL COMMITMENT; As a parent”‘YOU MUST BE INTENTIONALLY COMMITTED” to being a part to the all-round change we want to see in our children.

Our wombs were their first homes, and our home is their first classrooms. Let’s help prepare a great FUTURE. Children who do well are those whose parents are INVOLVED in their learning.

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