About Us

We are an Academic institution that drives formal and informal education as 21st-century learning is expected to have skills to function in this globally connected world. We help seeming difficult learners to carve a niche for themselves. With over 14 years of teaching at the Nursery Primary and Secondary levels, we are your one-stop hub for all academic basic needs for you, your Child /Children.


The wholistic development of the child (Academic, Moral, Psychological and Entrepreneurial).


Preparing the future


To fine tune the creative mindset of every child


To help their creative instinct blossom


To enhance skills and character in growing children while fostering their formal education, thereby preparing them for a balanced future.


The preparatory house has activities lined up to suit the needs of children from ages 4-19.These includes;

1. Adopt a language, we promote the teaching and speaking of French language

2.Home making, which involves training on simple stitches, sewing, bead making crocheting and the basics of cooking and baking.

3.Teaching on public speaking, enhancing handwriting  and spelling skills.

Our services includes

1.Recruitment of Teachers

2.Supply of school resources

3.Curriculum Planning and integration

4.Decoration and setting up of schools and learning centres

5.Entrepreneurship Education

6.Digital literacy

7.ICT training for Teachers. 8. Childcare Consulting